Resist Fashion Assimilation

Feeding your need to consume inspiring fashion photography/editorials/moodboards/younameit for styles like punk, lolita, goth, vintage, etc. I also post art that inspires my color and motif choices. I share my outfit pics and reblog any girls whose style I enjoy, be they thin or fat, because I take inspiration from all sizes. Tumblr linked to


Outfit with some pink for the lovely spring weather today!! I just bought this beautiful shirt from shortcuttothestars, whom I also went to visit today ^^ As always, it was great to see her and we had such a nice time <3

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Me and Barin♪

Sapphira looks even more like a real-life Snow White, now


Me and my beautiful friends at Cloudehill Gardens in Olinda today :3

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More of me and my lovely friends today :D

yay friends ^_^